Actor Abraham Pieters

Namibian-born actor Abraham Pieters says he is finalizing production behind the scenes for his own talk show and is ready to sign on the dotted line with one major South African television channel.

Pieters, who is based in South Africa, further told CND-News, that he is in the last stages of negotiations with three major South African channels and a television network regarding broadcasting the talk show.

According him, the talk show will re-introduce the public to their favorite celebrities in a more intimate way.

“This will be an opportunity for the audience to see the person behind the ‘celebrity’ in a more relatable light and most importantly to promote the importance of mentorship as a celebrity,” Pieters explained.

The busy-bee 24-year old was tight-lipped about the juicy details of the show but did however reveal that the production of the first season will be completed in less than three months.

“I also got accepted at the University of Southern California to do my masters in Television and Film production for the year, 2020,” Pieters said.

“I am very excited about that and terrified at the same time because God alone knows how I will manage classes in Los Angeles and still do my talk show in South Africa.”

The actor also said he is preparing for the 2020 Los Angeles Networking Week, which is an educational week with some of the most influential stars in the television and film industry in Hollywood.

Pieters mentioned that he had to postpone his internship at the Los Angeles based Universal Studios for E! News to next year, due to his ‘break-neck schedule’ and commitments in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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