UDF party says that it is not a Damara party. Photo: Facebook

The opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) of Namibia outfit has strongly dismissed long-held views that it draws most of its support base from the Damara speaking ethnic group, stressing that it remains a national political party.

These were the sentiments of UDF’s Secretary-General Hage Elijah Gawaseb during a recent interview with CND-News on the eve of the release of the party’s list of candidates of the November 27 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

UDF has had strong links to the Damara Kings’ Council during its formation in 1989 when Damara King Justus //Garoeb formed the party. Although, //Garoeb retired from active politics in 2013, the party has found it a daunting task to shake off the notion that it is a tribal party.

On Wikipedia, the party’s political ideology is classified as “Damara, political minority”.

The UDF currently has two seats in the National Assembly occupied by party leader Apius Auxab and former Kunene Regional Governor Dudu Murorua.

Meanhwhile, during the CND-News interview, Gawaseb squashed these perceptions adding that those that continue to view UDF in this light, are wrong.

“The [2019] list disputes this notion. We are a mixed party. The youngest person at number 14 on the list, Innoveni Kapetja is from the OvaHimba ethnic group,” explained Gawaseb.

“Mathias Samuel [at position 47], Roswitha Mbambo at number 44 and Matheus Martha who is at position 32 are all from Kavango [East and West Regions],” he added.

On youth representation, Gawaseb noted that young people make up 38 percent of the list.

“In our top 15 list, 10 are youth. So far, we are the only political party with most youth on the list. Besides our campaign, this will convince the youth to vote for their fellow youth.”

Gawaseb added that the UDF 2019 National Assembly Election list is also made up of 47 (49 percent) women in the zebra-style method from position four, while about 66 percent are people below the age of 50.

Here is the full UDF list of candidates for the November 27 National Assembly Election:


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