Serron Ngoshi. Photo: Contributed

We all assume that the people we associate with, our family members or colleagues are extremely successful.

We think they are doing better than us, we think they own more than what we own and or go to places that we can only dream of going to one day. I am sure we all think about this at some stage of our life.

And for many, just the thought of knowing how far you have come and or how hard you try to make an honest living while personally aware of the fact that you have not attained your personal success, eats us up. Just because you fancy someone else’s lifestyle.

In most cases, we are misled by other people’s materialistic success, what they have managed to attain materialistically through means only known to them and this keeps us in a race that is way bigger than us. This eventually leads us into a destructive web. 

I have come to understand that in this thing we are in, this thing called life, it has many routes that require our discernment. And as much as we think other people are better off than us, we should not be bullied by what we want to see as a measure of success.

To be honest with you, everybody on this planet every day if not every hour, is still just trying to make it. Everyday people are hustling, everyday people are thinking of strategies to find new ways on how to make it.

Sometimes the person we think has made it already, is also having sleepless nights because they too within their hearts of hearts know that they have not achieved what it is they want in life.

Who knows, maybe they even cry themselves to sleep while you are there thinking that they are better off. Trust me, you might be going to bed peacefully if you can only stop comparing yourself and your achievements to others. Everybody has their own measure to their success.

If you keep standing on the sideline keeping an eye on people, you might be wasting your time by being carried away by the spirit of competition. I say, rather have a spirit of a finisher. Be the kind of person who understands their own race, be in no competition with no one but yourself.

Look around you and appreciate what you have managed to acquire already through hard work, because every day brings you a step closer to what you want out of life and this is a secret only known by individual to individual.

Let us be honest with ourselves and start living within our means of what we can afford and not what we dream of affording. I know the statement of “faking it till you make it” goes through our minds daily but fake it with something that does not lead you into a state of depression. 


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