NPD leader Lukato Martin Lukato. Photo: Facebook

The registration amount of N$20 000 for a candidate to participate in a presidential election, will for the third time prevent National Democratic Party (NDP) leader Lukato Martin Lukato from taking part in the November 27 Presidential Election.

Although the party will compete in the National Assembly Election segment, Lukato said the party does not have the funds to contest the 2019 Presidential Election. The party did not contest in that election in 2009 and 2014 also.

He told CND-News, that NDP did not get a sponsor to launch his 2019 presidential bid, but the party will be visible in the National Assembly Election because “it is free” to participate.

In the 2009 National Assembly Election, the party only garnered 1 187 votes out of 800 576 ballots, while in 2014, NPD managed a mere 1 398 out of 893 645 votes cast in the same election. In both cases, the party failed to get a single seat in that lower house of Parliament.

However, despite this dismal performance, Lukato has re-oiled his political machinery and is targeting mainly the young voters through social media platforms.

During an earlier interview with CND-News, Lukato explained that he is targeting the youth who are in search of “newly industrialized economies”.

On Facebook, Lukato is becoming a popular figure with an increasing number of likes, shares, comments, and tags on his timeline which contains most of his campaign messages.

He started posting his campaign materials on his profile in September 2014 and has reached the 5 000 limit of friends and followers allowed by Facebook for a single account.

Other Facebook users are tagging Lukato in updates fetching him affectionate messages, likes and comments close to 300 for certain posts.

A campaign message he posted recently dealing with crime, poverty, and unemployment in the country got 397 likes, 186 comments, and 16 shares.

Fresh promises

Meanwhile, NDP has made public its 2019 election manifesto with a promise to lead a green revolution for massive sustainable food production, if it is given a voice in the National Assembly after November 27.

The party also promises to advocate for a ban on imports of basic agricultural products and for a control of food prices by the State.

On job creation, NDP says it will push for a national unemployed graduates’ hub and union, while further encouraging government to increase post-graduate funding.

“[NDP will] advocate for the introduction of a grant of not less than N$1 200 for the unemployed citizens between the ages of 18 and 55,” the manifesto reads in part.

As part of the legislators, the party will advocate for laws that will provide at no charge, basic services such as water, health, education, housing and electricity.

“Every citizen must have a piece of land as a right. Communal land must not be commercialized and foreigners should not be allocated or sold land in communal areas, be it for farming or residence,” it continues.

“[NDP will also ] advocate for a ‘speedy trail clause’ to specify a duration within which prosecution of different cases must be completed.”

According to the NDP document, the party will further push for legislation to advocate for 60 percent or higher State-ownership, in all local and foreign mining companies operating within Namibia.

The NDP plans on promoting the use of clean, eco-friendly energy both at domestic and industrial level as well as a carbon tax.


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