More women than men registered ahead of the November 2017 polls. Photo: ECN

More women than men registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to vote in the November 27 Presidential and National Assembly Elections, the election management body has announced.

A total of 717 809 women were recorded as eligible voters compared to men who stood at 640 659 registered voters following the supplementary registration of voters exercise in July this year.

The figures are part of the statistics released by the ECN on Sunday on the recent registration of voters.

Khomas region has the highest number of registered women with 128 790, followed by Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshikoto and Oshana who all had numbers above 60 000 for each region.

The lowest number of female registered voters is recorded at Omahake with 20 609 followed by Hardap and //Kharas women at 23 871 and 24 303, respectively.

Meanwhile, the total number of all registered voters, including men, increased to over 1.3 million from the previous figure of just above 1.2 million.

The ‘born frees’ or Namibians born between 1990 to 1999 make up 403 106 of this number while the ‘millennials’ born as from the year 2000 recorded 8 623 registered voters.

Overall the number of ‘generation y’ or those born after 1982 to present has increased from 564 706 in 2014 to 700 645 this year.

However, for the older generation born before 1925 to 1944, the figures decreased slightly.

“The three regions with the highest registered voters are Khomas with 257 559, Ohangwena at 146 452 and Omusati with 146 256 registered voters,” the ECN said on Sunday.

“The regions with the lowest number of registered voters are Omaheke with 44 502, Zambezi with 45 303 and Hardap [standing at] 48 547 registered voters.”

The statistics also show that 16 percent of the registered voters still believed in registering with an affirmed or sworn statement while 80 percent used their new Namibian ID to register.


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