Serron Ngoshi. Photo: Contributed

It is again that time of the year, whereby many people will try to make peace with the fact that the year has actually came to an end.

Whether we have managed to achieve all our set goals, remains a big question and during this time, we are busy meditating on  our new year’s resolutions.

Many speak of change and transformation while others simply want a total new life and logging to be connected to a total different group of people to associate with.

Others speak about new jobs, homes, cars, to wanting to quit alcohol, new characters and the list goes on.

However, many of these resolutions just continue to remain as thoughts to many people. Year in, year out, they still remain the same people with the same resolutions , doing the same things and the same jobs.

Many enter a new year with so much determination in the month of January about changing and transforming their lives and all of a sudden, come March you realize nothing changed. We are still just the same persons facing the same challenges.

The error that must be corrected here is that, it is time now that we truly decide to say enough is enough.

When you decide individually that, whatever you have been struggling with or that which held you back in a certain year, should come to an end and remain in that specific year come rain or high water, you are not going to live the same life.

Yes, it is not easy to commit to change and having to drop old habits, but it is possible. It is possible to leave behind old habits if only you come to that point now and truly be honest with yourself in making your new year’s resolutions.

I do not know what it is you want to achieve in 2020, however it should also be mentioned that I as well do not know what it is you didn’t manage to achieve within 2019, whatever it is, it is possible.

Your goals, dreams, visions and thoughts can manifest physically if only you come at a stage of being “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

You need to direct your subconscious mind to a whole level of positivity. As you set up your resolutions for the coming year, focus on what is possible for you and accomplish it. Leave no stone unturned, be aggressive in all your efforts, enter 2020 with aggressiveness, positivity, power, strength and determination.

Let your goals and or resolutions be your full armor and let not the calamities of life nor your background keep you away from achieving all that you need to achieve.

I will say this again, be honest in making your new year’s resolutions and be driven by this statement “be sick and tired of being sick and tired” choose to really cross over with a new character. It is possible.


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