Kensley Xoagus. Photo: Contributed

Meet Kensly Xoagus, a final year intern social worker at the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Services , based at the town of Usakos, which is ravaged by high youth unemployment.

This grim reality coupled with the prevalent poverty and alcohol abuse, prompted the 24-year old Xoagus and the Usakos Youth Club to blueprint an employment conference at the town.

“During my engagement with the communities from Usakos and the surrounding areas as part of a needs’ assessment, I found damning issues which are contributing to the unfortunate socio-economic status of the residents of this area,” Xoagus told CND-News recently.

“Among these, is a high number of school dropouts and youth unemployment,” she added.

It was after these consultations that Xoagus decided to help mitigate the growing effects hopelessness as a result of no jobs by bringing the unemployed youth, social and recruitment experts under one roof.

“The workshop has clear goals of enhancing the skills of residents from Usakos, Karibib, Tubusis and other smaller settlements, in the areas of job hunting, application processes, effective curriculum vitae development, targeted skills training and the impact of social media tools.”

Xoagus added: “The workshop will further develop a platform of communication and information sharing for all participants to further increase access to information regarding employment opportunities and professional development programmes.”

According to her, the workshop is targeting young people between the ages of 16 to 35 years.

“Unemployment is not just a problem of the youth. It affects all segments of the society. The entire society should take collective responsibility in addressing this issue.”

Xoagus also thanked the former Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council, Mandela Kapere who in his personal capacity assisted her with a donation to help setup the event when she asked around for sponsors.

Other key sponsors include the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Services, The Usakos chief executive officer, Ivin Lombardt, businessman Lando Marques from Mount Sinai Rehab Centre in Usakos and United States citizens Martha and Patrick Ryan.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday (November 20) at the Usakos Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre and will also draw young people from Okombahe and Spitzkoppe areas.


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