Nudo SG Josef Kauandenge. Photo: Facebook

Nudo party of Namibia Secretary General Joseph Kauandenge said his party will send the ruling Swapo party back to its roots on Wednesday during the Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

Kauandenge made these remarks at his party’s star rally on Saturday in Windhoek.

Addressing a well-packed UN Plaza Kauandenge also reminded his party members and sympathizers that their party has chosen only one presidential candidate -Ester Muiinjangue and that they will never abandon her for any other party or individual.

“We cannot be part of these Judas Iscariot, who are selling mothers and fathers and get money under their doors. We are with Utjiua Muiinjangue and we will go with her to this election. We are not going to give our vote to any other person,” Kauandenge said.

The Nudo star rally was attended by a crowd of young people, traditional leaders, local oviritje artists, SADC election observers and Nudo members

Addressing the SADC elections observers, Kauandenge asked how the elections have been declared free and fair before election day. He further cautioned the observers to watch closely especially with the electoral voting machines (EVMs) on November 27.

Speaking at the same occasion, Muinjangue said her party is ready to “refill a glass which the Swapo government has finished in thirty years of political independence” and restore the dignity of Namibians.

Furthermore, the party’s president paid tribute to Nudo members for their relentless efforts in making Nudo a formidable force in the upcoming elections.

“It is you, the ordinary members who will make sure that Nudo emerges victorious in these elections. These elections campaign belongs to you than it belongs to us as leaders.”

“The hour of reckoning has arrived when Namibians must decide whether to continue supporting a government that continue to impoverish its own people. A government that has relegated its citizens to second class people and continue to dump them in informal settlements without basic amenities.”

Muinjangue further urged Namibians to vote for Nudo and get rid of Swapo and its government.

She said Nudo will address social and economic problems confronting people in government and parliamentarians. She added that her party will put to rest all issues affecting Namibian people and further she urged people to vote wisely.

“We must remember the countless nursing students who are qualified but cannot get jobs and have resorted to driving taxis and doing manual jobs in order to survive, while we have a shortage of medical staff at our clinics and hospitals when voting on that day.”


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