President Hage Geingob. PHOTO: Namibian Presidency/Faceboook

President Hage Geingob issued a stern warning against non-performing and lazy ministers on Tuesday, saying such attitudes will not be tolerated in the new administration to be sworn-in on March 21.

The Head of State made these remarks during the opening of the first Cabinet meeting for the year 2020.  This the last session for the 2014-2020 Cabinet. 

“For those who will be coming back, please take note that there will be zero tolerance for corrupt practices, laziness, not following news and being ignorant of the things which our people are complaining about,” said Geingob. 

He continued: “And only going to your villages and not attending to the needs of all Namibians in other regions and so forth.”

Furthermore, he said people have in the past accused him of only firing those who disagree with him, however, he will also fire non-performing ministers.

According to Geingob, Cabinet ministers must cease from fruitless international travels, except where the travel is essential and beneficial to Namibia’s national interests. 

“In this regard, I have decided not to travel until June 2020, and to do so only afterwards if really necessary. These changes are only the start of things to come in the next Government.”

Geingob also stressed that he expects Cabinet ministers to declare their assets publicly as he has done. 

“Only one minister, Calle Schlettwein has emulated me and my wife’s example and have declared his assets in the past.

“Others have declared in Parliament and to the President. It will be good if they make it public only, as required presently.”

Cabinet ministers, Geingob noted, must stand firm, strong and proud. 

“Defend your government against those who seek to weaken it. We have prevailed through various internal crises and we will prevail again.”

He added that the #fishrot scandal involving two jailed former ministers over bribery and corruption in the fishing sector, has tainted the image of the country.

It is for this reason, according to the President, that he will not tolerate any corrupt practices from his Cabinet colleagues. 


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