Popular Democratic Movement wants a ban on pit bulls. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) is calling for an immediate ban on pit bulls in Namibia, following deadly attacks on humans.

These sentiments were expressed by the youth wing’s leader Bensen Katjirijova who stressed that the attacks by this dog’s breed have caused both physical and psychological scars on people.

“On 27 June 2015, 13-year old Fred Savage was mercilessly mauled to death by two unrelenting pitbulls in the Otjomuise Extension 4 area of Windhoek. Young Fred Savage was a grade 5 pupil at the time, and was just visiting his family for the weekend when this unfortunate and brutal incident occurred,” recalled Katjirijova.

“On 23 March 2016, a woman, her daughter, and a security guard were severely attacked by three pitbulls in Otjiwarongo. The attack left them with scars that will manifest themselves both physically and psychologically for the rest of their lives,” he added.

The youth leaguer then requested members of parliament to draft legislative instruments that will ban the breeding and ownership of pitbulls in the country.

“These particular breed of dog family is clearly not meant to be domesticated in a human family setting, but it is rather meant for wild or special concentration camps that suits their anger, viciousness and unpredictability.

“We can no longer compromise the safety of our citizens by allowing citizens to own and domesticate pit bulls.”


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