A burst water pipe in Okahandja

The ongoing water interruptions at the garden town of Okahandja in the Otjozondjupa region has been declared a “disaster” by the Okahandja Constituency Councillor Steve Biko Booys. 

Over the past two weeks Okahandja residents have been without water on some days due to burst pipes caused by recent heavy rains at the town.

Last week, the Okahandja Town Council put up temporary water points to serve residents who were without water for two consecutive days at the time. 

The water interruptions affected some primary schools where learners were sent home earlier on those two days. 

At around 06:00 on Wednesday, residents experienced water interruptions again and some schools were forced to sent learners home early. 

Booys took to social media to express his dismay over the water situation.

“My people, we seem to have been struck by once another water disaster. I am calling it a disaster because my office and all those responsible are rushing for an emergency response now, as it is not part of the internal lines like it was during the recent days,” Booys posted on his Facebook page. 

“We will make a full assessment and get back to you as we progress. We are better prepared and coordinated then last time though. Thank you and humble apologies to all the residents.”


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