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Some opposition parties have made a clarion call to uphold last November’s Presidential election outcome, all in the name of protecting the country’s constitutional democracy. 

This comes at a time when some Namibians are planning countless public demonstrations aimed at forcing President Hage Geingob out of office and a re-run of the 2019 Presidential Election.

The group is citing last month’s Supreme Court ruling which found the decision to use electronic voting machines (EVMs) without a verifiable audit paper printout in the last elections, unconstitutional. 

The Supreme Court also ruled that those calling for the nullification and a re-run of the 2019 Presidential elections have failed to show that the use of EVMs without verifiable audit paper printout, has compromised those elections. 

With just weeks to Geingob’s second inauguration as the country’s third Head of State, the group is threatening nationwide camping and toy-toying until he resigns and fresh elections ordered.

However, the Nudo opposition party has termed these activities as “regime change threats”, cautioning all peace-loving Namibians to refrain from joining these demonstrations. 

According to the party’s Secretary General Joseph Kauandenge, it has become disheartening and frightening to note WhatsApp recordings and images by some calling for the over-throw of the current government and to make Namibia ungovernable. 

Kauandenge stressed that this amounts to a coup de tat.

A poster calling for the resignation of President Hage Geingob.

“We must choose peace and stability above the rest if we are to leave a good legacy for future generations to come.

“Many of these young people on social media sites should know from history that internal strife and anarchy is a recipe for disaster. Those who fought on the battle field will tell you that political instability in this day and age is and must not be desirable,” explained Kauandenge.

“Surely recent African political dramas of coup de tats are still fresh in our minds. Namibian as a beacon of democracy cannot afford to be plunged in chaos and anarchy just because there is a group or section of the society that does not want to accept the verdict of the highest Court in the land.”

He maintained that Nudo cannot in good conscience support anarchy and total chaos by supporting those who are demanding for Geingob’s head. 

“We must warn that the game that some Namibians are playing is very dangerous in that once ignited, we might not be able to stop it.

We don’t want to be misplaced and run outside Namibia to other countries because of political instability at all. Zimbabwe and other countries bear reference.”

Speaking to CND-News on Wednesday, the Second-in-command of the Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Kalimbo Iipumbu called on parties to respect the outcome of last year’s elections which was upheld by the Supreme Court judgement. 

“We must understand that this Geingob we are trying to remove is a person who has was part of the creation of our Constitution, which he has kept from that time as the first prime minister until his election as President,” Iipumbu remarked. 

“We cannot support people who want to remove someone just because they don’t agree or like the person. Just because they refuse to accept the outcome of a democratic election.”

Boycotting the Independence Day celebrations, Iipumbu said, is in fact a betrayal of the blood of those who sacrificed themselves for Namibia to gain her independence.

“These young people who are now calling for these demonstrations, can do so because of this very Independence Day they now wish to boycott.”


  1. Kawandenge and ipumbu are truly Namibian leaders we want to have regardless of thy affiliations. Peace is something that we cannot compromise. The person who wrote the placard must be arrested and answers the law

  2. Idependence being celebrated in Namibia does mean anything to the masses of this country. We have children being born in debts because of a “do care” group of people running Namibia.
    We cannot talk about peace if we have a president who declared war on the by commanding the army and the police to kill our own

  3. This level of poverty in a 1.8million country if equivalent to witchcraft played by so called politicians. Even during the colonial times, a petrol tendent could afford to by land in Windhoek, but after independence, the opposite is true. No jobs for poor people, jobs are for sale, natural resources of this country save Europe only and others.
    Hospital collapsed. What is good about those in power now?


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