Nudo 'Top 3: Party president Ester Muinjangue flanked by vice-president Peter Kazongominja (left) and secretary-general Josef Kauandenge. Photo: Facebook

The opposition Nudo has given three of its prominent members marching orders for among others, sowing seeds of division within the party. 

The three, Mbamanovandu Tuamunika and Veneruru Korumbo, both Nudo National Council members and Uerinjona Katjimune an ordinary member, where also found guilty of working against the party during last year’s Presidential and National Assembly Elections. 

In heavily-worded letters , Nudo Secretary General Joseph Kauandenge did not mince his words when he informied the trio, that they are no longer members of the party and they should not pronounce themselves as such. 

On Wednesday, Kauandenge informed journalists that the party has gone through one of its worse internal fights with the introduction of slate politics in last elective congress held last March.

“As a result of that state politics even after Congress, those who have lost continued and tried everything possible to make this Party ungovernable,” said Kauandenge.

“To bring order to this party, the party leadership took a decision late last year in December to suspend (the) three members.”

He added that having followed all due processes for the past three months, the Nudo Disciplinary Committee on Monday, 02 March pronounced itself with regard to  disciplinary hearing and has found the trio guilty of the offences as alleged. 

According to him, the Nudo Disciplinary Committee recommended to the ‘Nudo Top 9’ leaders that they should be expelled from the Party.

“This morning the ‘Nudo Top 9’ leadership convened to look at the findings and recommendations and endorsed the recommendations for the three members’ expulsion from the party.”

He then issued a strong warning to any other member who still harbors ill-feelings and has tendencies of disrupting and disrespecting the party leadership that they will be dealt with.

“No longer shall and can we allow this party to have two centers of power, neither can we allow anti-leadership groupings within the party to flourish. The Congress is over and this current leadership was democratically elected so let’s move on.”

“I must hasten as well to say that we still have some few leaders who are under investigations for their roles to weaken the Party from within during last year’s elections.”


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