Namibians from all walks of life have signed up for the ‘hands off Geingob’ campaign in support  of the second inauguration of President Hage Geingob. 

The campaign is being supported by a ‘fill up the Independence Stadium on 21 March’ movement, which is to counter a group of some Namibians who are planning countless public demonstrations calling for the  boycotting of the Independence Day celebrations.

The movement is rejecting calls for the resignation of Geingob and the subsequent re-run of the November 2019 President Election.

A ‘hands off Geingob’ poster.

Meanwhile, those supporting Geingob have also taken to social media and other means to ensure that 21 March goes by without any disturbance. 

Some of the ‘Hands off Geingob’ poster includes phrases such as: “ Namibia stand up. Boycott the mass demonstration. Hands off Dr. Hage Geingob”.

Another reads: “Hands off President Hage Geingob! He was legitimately elected by the majority of Namibians”.

One of the posters in support of President Hage Geingob.

One post also reads: “Mr. President know for a fact that the Namibian nation is fully behind you… thus, the recently concluded victory. We trust that you will take this country to greater heights with the fight against corruption!”.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that those calling for the nullification and a re-run of the 2019 Presidential elections have failed to show that those polls were compromised. 


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