The  Swapo Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa has called for peaceful demonstrations in defense of President Hage Geingob for a period of 14 days. 

Shaningwa instructed all Swapo regional structures and wings to mobilize all party cadres and supporters to show-up for peaceful demonstrations starting 07 March until Geingob’s second inauguration as Namibia’s third President. 

“The party leadership noted with concern, of some unscrupulous members who want to undermine the democratic election process… by inciting demonstrations against [Geingob],” Shaningwa wrote.

Swapo Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa.

Shanigwa’s comments comes at a time when some Namibians are planning countless public demonstrations aimed at forcing Geingob out of office and a re-run of the 2019 Presidential Election.

The group is citing last month’s Supreme Court ruling which found the decision to use electronic voting machines (EVMs) without a verifiable audit paper printout in the last elections, unconstitutional. 

The Supreme Court also ruled that those calling for the nullification and a re-run of the 2019 Presidential elections have failed to show that the use of EVMs without verifiable audit paper printout, has compromised those elections. 

With just weeks to Geingob’s second inauguration, the group is threatening nationwide camping and toy-toying until he resigns and fresh elections ordered.


  1. Let’s hold hands and work towards our country’s development, people who are anti-Geingob, are normally people who do not read and decide for themselves, but, just followers of (dog-bone), wake up, those that you are following to distroy our countries, can run back to Demark and leave you here, recall Muyongo’s era…



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