President Hage Geingob receiving the instruments of State power from Chief Justice Peter Shivute. PHOTO: State House

President Hage Geingob was sworn-in on Saturday as audacious attempts by his detractors to derail his second swearing-in fail.

“Once again, this is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Thanks be to God for this beautiful day. Thanks be to God for the liberty, unity, peace and stability that we enjoy every day in our country,” said Geingob during the swearing-in.

Recently, a group of Namibians threatened to disturb the proceedings in order to prevent the process from taking place. 

“It was on this day, 30 years ago, that we witnessed the hoisting of the Namibian flag, symbolizing the birth of a sovereign nation.

“It is on this day that we celebrate the gift of freedom and the opportunity we have to pursue our common aspirations,” the Head of State added.

He explained that five years ago, he took a solemn oath, conscious of the invaluable sacrifice of those who paid the ultimate price for the Namibian independence.

“Today, I took this solemn oath, cognizant of the urgent need to improve the livelihoods of our People.”

“In so doing, I recommit with all determination, to lead and to serve the people of Namibia, to achieve the goal of a more inclusive, united and prosperous Namibian House.”


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