Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters leader Epafras Mukwiilongo. PHOTO: Conftributed

The  Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) has pledged to support President Hage Geingob in efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Namibia, after 16 patients tested positive on Namibian soil. 

Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula announced on Sunday that Namibia recorded two more cases of the deadly virus which includes a teacher and a health practitioner who are currently in isolation.

Speaking to CND-News on Sunday, NEFF Commander-in-Chief, Epafras Mukwiilongo thanked Geingob for taking measures aimed at containing COVID-19. 

“Indeed the virus is real, and it is amongst us. So NEFF would like to proclaim that it’s rank and file fully supports the President and the minister of health in their endeavors to stop the further spread of the deadly disease,” said Mukwiilongo.

“This is the fight for all of us to protect the Namibian Nation. In fact it is the only nation we have,” he added.

Mukwiilongo also thanked that the police, the army and the prison services as well as the doctors and nurses for being at the forefront of “this battle”.

He then appealed to the business community who trade in masks, gloves, soaps and sanitizers to not take this as an advantage to raise the prices of their products. 

According to him, banking instltutions must indefinitely suspend repayments of loans and overdraft until such time that the state of emergency is declared officially lifted. 

“Government must make sure that business is well regulated in such a manner that there is no third party. 

“This must not be turned into a money milkliig and get rich scheme. That is robbery against a nation at a vulnerable time. Let us make tlus a desperate collective attempt to protect our nation from a potential disaster.”

Mukwiilongo also appealed church leaders to not congregate people in huge gatherings as this would be the perfect way for the virus to spread. 

“Churches must be tools to stop the pandemic, not to let it spread.”


Namibia is currently under a partial lockdown down of two key regions which started on 27 March and set to stretch for  21 days.

The Head of State has declared as state of emergency period with specific guidelines including social distancing and prevention of large crowds for the period. 

Geingob is also expected to declare a national lockdown soon if the number of positive cases continue to increase and upon advise by the health task team currently dealing with the outbreak. 


  1. The government or head of state have ordered local authorities to open closed water for all their residents, but it was not exercised in Ondangwa, due to the reason that GRN did not give them a written notice to do it.

    Now if police and NDF are preventing people to roaming around the street, but some of the reason is that we are going fetching water.

    The question is when will the GRN provide Ondangwa town council with written notice/order to open closed tap?


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