Otjozondjupa Governor, James Unomasa Uerikua at Okakarara Cattle pens. PHOTO: Ovaua Kuaima

Otjozondjupa regional Governor James Unomasa Uerikua is calling on farmers in his region to promote local value addition on products to avoid exporting employment to other countries.

In a weekly report released by his communication department, the newly-appointed governor maintains that value addition within the region will curb unemployment, especially among the youth.

According to the report, Uerikua indicated that one of his priority is to oversee a strategy that will enable the region to contribute to the Namibian food basket in terms of food production.

“The Governor stressed the need in promoting local value addition to desist from the practice of exporting employment to other countries while coming to buy the same product in a secondary form but on a higher price,” the report reads in part.

Uerikua also urged farmers in his region to take good care of their farm workers and to provide conducive and humane conditions to uphold the labourers’ integrity and dignity as persons.

Uerikua recently met with traditional leaders, famers associations, constituency and town councilors of Okakarara to discuss pertinent issues among them, stock theft, auction prices and drought subsidy to livestock farmers.

“My office has taken note of the concerns by farmers (commercial, communal and resettlement) regarding livestock theft in the region. Together with the different stakeholders we are prioritizing measures to address livestock theft,” he said.

“The Otjozondjupa regional economy is driven by the agricultural sector and dominantly livestock production. For this reason we have to provide the maximum cushion, support and response possbible against any threat facing it.”  

Following his appointment as Governor of Otjozondjupa region in April, Uerikua has inspected the distribution of Drought Relief Food and the COVID-19 Food Relief Programme in the various constituencies in the region to ensure that the food rations reach the intended recipients.

“We will do our level to make sure that our different vulnerable groups in Otjozondjupa receive the necessary support and assistance which we navigate the nation through challenges that we face.”


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