Swapo Party Youth League Secretary Ephraim Nekongo. Photo: Contributed

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) is questioning the role of the country’s media ombudsman, John Nakuta, claiming he failed to defend people whose names are tarnished in the media, while only protecting journalists.

According to SPYL Secretary Ephraim Nekongo, certain media organisations have what he calls an ‘anti-Geingob agenda’ targeted at tarnishing the name of President Hage Geingob.

He added that the design of these institutions is to ensure that the public is constantly fed with information linking the Head of State to infamous fishrot saga, as a means to turn the public against Geingob.

“We took note of the assertion by the media ombudsman in which he is protecting journalists,” said Nekongo. 

“We shall possibly understand his position as his salary is being paid by the same media trust. However, surprisingly enough, the media ombudsman failed to protect citizens whose names continue to be factlessely attacked by the same journalist he wishes to protect.”

He added: “The SPYL has in good authority that the [newspaper]has an anti-Geingob agenda. This is because, the ill-conceived and continued attacks on Geingob can no way be mistaken as positive criticism but rather a well-orchestrated plan to taint the image of the President for good.”

“This has bee the norm since 2015 when Geingob took office with the aim to create a revolt in the country that will eventually achieve the regime change agenda that the newspaper and other allies are pushing for unapologetically, with evident bias and without shame”.

Nekongo further indicated that there is no excellence in the country’s media fraternity, and there are many issues that need to be tackled in the industry.

“We wish to put it on record that the media fraternity is not perfect.

“They need to get off their high horse and address issues of underpaying their journalist and allowing journalists to be bribed with brown envelopes because the truth of the matter is that, real and independent is dead”. 


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