WhatsApp group donates to the needy. Photo: Contributed

A WhatsApp group under the name Youth in Politics on Friday donated blankets, cosmetics and food parcels valued at N$5000 to eight households in the Kunene region.

According to the group’s founder Colin Ngujapeua, the money came from contributions by group members and benefited among others two impoverished boys from Epupa constituency.

Ngujapeua said the group which was founded late last year, wants to promote social change, sustainable development and debate on political issues among other pertinent issues.

“We were looking at how can we bring all youths from all political parties and traditional authorities. Why youth? Because in many cases the youth are used in the forefront, to fight battles in their different affiliations being political or traditional,” said Ngujapeua.

“We were trying to evaluate ourselves and map out the right path for the young people. Yes we may differ in opinions, but in the end, we need to come to one common opinion,” he added.

The donation was given by Kenaumue Moks the Swapo Party Youth League regional secretary in Kunene region and Ueutjerevi Ngunaihe from the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM.

It was received by Opuwo urban regional councilor Weich Mupya and Epupa constituency councilor Nguzu Muharukua.

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