The Fourth Industrial Revolution is on a high-speed motion and Namibia as well as the greater Africa, are joining the global village on this journey to transform and improve lives through new and innovative methods. In answering this call, CND-News, Namibia’s multifaceted news platform, welcomes you on a journey to transform and revolutionize your experience of accessing information.

At CND-News we are playing an active role in the digital era by providing you with the best, exclusive, investigative, analytical and in-depth news content from Namibia and the African continent, all at the tips of your fingers. Our main objective is to bring the real Namibia and Africa to the world and to bring the world home through creative ways.

With more than 30 African media houses through the Africa Link Union and over 1 600 international news organizations as partners on our books, CND-News is an unforgettable information experience that will afford you the opportunity to see the truth for what it is.

We thank you for your support and indeed, you have ‘THE RIGHT TO KNOW’ the truth.

Elvis Muraranganda


Current News Daily.     


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