Outjo Mayor Samuel Oe-Amseb

The town of Outjo in the Kunene Region is set host a series of open market days for its residents and those from other areas to sell and promote their products in a bid to stimulate the town’s economy.

In an interview with CND-News, Outjo Mayor Samuel Oe-Amseb said that there is need for local authorities to create opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to grow and sustain the economy.   

“As a local authority together with our business people we strive to create opportunities for our local SME’s and informal traders to sell, promote and market their products. We invite all SME’s and informal traders to register for this very important Outjo Open Market Days,” Samuel Oe-Amseb said.

The market days will run over two weekends with the first one set for 11 to 12 October and the second business day on 18 and 19 October 2019.

“Any interested business should buy a stall at the cost of N$130. We intent to stimulate local economic growth through the market open days,” he added.

“The days are open for any business to come sell products, market and promote their offerings. There will be activities for children as well.

“This platform further creates opportunity for the residents to interact, network and advance their businesses. We are in the process to invite universities to participate to share information with students and to register them for 2019 academic year.”


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